These Testimonials have been received from our patients. The original letters are on file.


I had been a smoker for over I5 years, smoking over 20 a day, and had tried several techniques including nicotine patches and gum which had no effect at all. However I took a few sessions of acupuncture at the Chinese Medicine shop at 46 Grove Road and have completely stopped smoking. I would definitely recommend going for a few sessions because really does work unlike those nicotine patches.

Tom from Eastbourne

I picked up a rugby injury to my neck and lower back and tried various treatments to no avail. Then I went to Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture on Grove Road for some acupuncture treatment and after 3 sessions, my problems were completely cured! I would highly recommend going there if you have any sports related injuries.

Sam Edwards

I decided to try acupuncture for the first time recently when the limited treatment for my menopausal symptoms from my GP didn't help. I was having severe hot flushes and night sweats. After a few acupuncture sessions, my symptoms have greatly improved. The hot flushes are now mild and infrequent. The night sweats have stopped and I'm sleeping well for the first time in 2 I/2 years. Two weeks ago I mentioned that my finger knuckles were painful with arthritis. After just two treatments, the pain is reduced and I have much more movement. As a bonus I have a greater sense of well being. I would recommend acupuncture to anybody thinking about it. I feel great! Thank you.

Judith Marriott

I have always had problems with my stomach and periods. I have tried convential medicine but I didn't like the side effects so I decided to try an alternative medicine. I registered with the Dr Jane. She prescribed some medicines foir me and recommended a proper diet for my stomach. It helped me. It took longer to sort out my period but I was determined to continue with the treatment. I didn't think that I could fall pregnant due to my hormonal disbalance but after 6 months of taking Chinese tablets a miracle happened and now we are expecting our first baby.


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